Cross-border agreements

Memorandums of Understanding

The Office of NSW Cross-Border Commissioner works with decision makers to establish collaborative agreements with neighbouring jurisdictions to strategically resolve the key issues that border communities face.

NSW has interjurisdictional agreements with the ACT, Queensland and Victorian governments that provide a framework for collaboration and practical actions to improve economic and social outcomes for border communities. Each agreement includes guidance on strategic priorities and governance arrangements, an annual worklist of priority projects and an annual progress report.

The Commissioner leads the work to identify and prioritise issues, negotiate revised annual worklists, and report outcomes, and delegates the authority for approval of the annual worklists and reports to the Minister for Regional NSW.

The Commissioner represents the NSW Government in negotiations with the ACT, Queensland and Victorian governments, their agencies and regional stakeholders. There is no direct financial impact related to these agreements, as agency activity is undertaken in line with current budgets.

Disruption to reporting:

The NSW response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent border closures took precedence over business as usual in the Office of the NSW Cross-Border Commissioner. While the formal reporting has been disrupted, the work of the Commissioner and neighbouring jurisdictions have remained in the spirit and intent of the existing agreements and worklists.

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Highway lined by trees in the ACT credit Alejandro Gonzalez


Centenary of Federation State Border Marker, Tweed Heads

Queensland NSW

West-bound view of Dean Street leading up to Monument Hill in Albury

NSW Victoria