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The Office of the Cross-Border Commissioner can receive messages from cross-border communities throughout the year through our contact page.

Previous engagement:

Cross-Border Stakeholder Survey 2022

The 2022 Cross-Border Stakeholder survey was open from 23 May to 14 June 2022.

The Cross-Border Commissioner will receive a detailed report on the survey findings and it will inform, shape and coordinate the way the Office advocates on cross-border issues.

Your feedback is highly valued and plays a key role in the ongoing resolution of cross-border anomalies.

Impact of COVID-19 border closures & restrictions on cross-border communities

Our office is undertaking an internal process to record the experiences of cross-border communities from 2020 to 2022 as result of the response to COVID-19 health directions, travel restrictions and border closures.

Our office worked with thousands of people and businesses in cross-border communities during this time and because of this we are talking to a range of people to ensure their experiences are recorded. This will inform our ongoing work and will contribute to advice we provide to Governments to improve NSW Government consideration of cross border issues and decision making, particularly related to major events.

This survey is now closed. If you wish, you may still contact us regarding your experiences.