Electrical testing assessment and certification

The Mine Safety Testing Centre (MSTC) tests electrical equipment, and provides test reports demonstrating and providing independent proof, for compliance with national and/or international standards. It also provides independent certification of explosion protected electrical equipment.

Scope of assessment and testing

The MSTC can provide the following services:

  • Testing and assessment of electrical equipment for the type of explosion protection 'intrinsic safety'. This includes assessment of the design and documentation pertaining to the equipment for compliance with Australian and International Standards.
  • Testing and assessment for equipment intended for usage in 'Zone 0' that are fitted with 'flameproof' sensors, such as gas monitors, to the type of protection 'special protection'.
  • Performance testing of gas monitors to the NSW regulatory requirements.
  • Testing of electrical enclosures to international standards for protection against ingress (IP) of foreign bodies and water and also access to live parts.
  • Quality assessment of Ex manufacturing facilities and Quality Assessment reports where required by clients to use for certification including by other certification bodies under the ANZEx or the IECEx schemes.

Scope of certification

MSTC's NATA Laboratory and JAS-ANZ certification body accreditations and IECEx certification and testing laboratory membership allow MSTC to provide IECEx and/or ANZEx certification for the following protection techniques:

  • Flameproof Ex d
  • Increased safety Ex e
  • Intrinsic safety Ex i (entity parameters, system and fieldbus concept (FISCO))
  • Intrinsic safety Ex iD
  • Encapsulation Ex m
  • Encapsulation Ex mD
  • Protection level (EPL) Ga
  • Caplights for use in susceptible fire damp Part 1: General requirements – construction and testing in relation to the risk of an explosion,

and ANZEx certification also for the protection techniques listed below:

  • Special protection Ex s (for the special case of intrinsically safe gas monitors using flameproof sensors and intended for use in Zone 0)

Further information

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