Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation

The Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation (NRRC) is a development corporation established following the 2022 floods across Lismore and Northern Rivers region of NSW. It will formally come into effect from 1 July 2022. The NRRC manages the rebuilding of these communities by coordinating planning, rebuilding and construction work across multiple government agencies.

The NRRC works with the Northern Rivers Administrative Group in the following local government areas:

  • Ballina
  • Byron
  • Clarence Valley
  • Lismore
  • Richmond Valley
  • Tweed
  • Kyogle

The potential inclusion of additional, neighbouring LGAs, will be considered as damage assessments are undertaken.

The NRRC operates as a ‘front door to government’ for all reconstruction and development activities in the Northern Rivers. It will set and implement reconstruction priorities in the region, and to work with government agencies and departments to deliver those priorities quickly.

A focus on essential assets, infrastructure and housing

The NRRC leads and coordinates reconstruction activities for essential assets, infrastructure and housing in the Northern Rivers. This includes:

  • prioritising and sequencing projects
  • coordinating procurement and financial planning
  • industry capacity and engagement
  • planning and land acquisition
  • local government liaison
  • betterment identification.

More specifically, the NRRC:

  • identifies, assesses, develops and makes recommendations on projects and programs that can help rebuild Lismore and other flood impacted Northern Rivers communities quickly and for the long-term
  • works with councils to identify, prioritise and support projects that can rejuvenate communities within the Northern Rivers area, with a particular emphasis on housing and supporting social infrastructure
  • works with the Department of Planning and Environment to fast-track planning and environmental approvals to make it easier for people living in the Northern Rivers to rebuild their homes and get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible
  • works with business to attract and retain investment in the region, with a particular focus on job creation and long-term economic growth
  • funds the delivery of enabling infrastructure to develop long-term, resilient and economically sustainable communities. This includes new or upgraded roads, water, power, digital connectivity and social infrastructure
  • acts on and implements recommendations from the Independent Flood Inquiry and the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Northern Rivers Floods as directed by the government.

Working across government to deliver

The NRRC’s work crosses several agencies across government and the corporation works with those agencies to make sure that all projects are aligned to deliver the best outcomes for the Northern Rivers.

Given how closely initiatives are aligned, Resilience NSW and the NRRC work closely together to provide:

Resilience NSW

Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation

  • Community Recovery Officers
  • Clean-up
  • Disaster Relief Grants
  • $1m Council Grants
  • $75,000 Primary Producer Grants
  • $50,000 Small Business and Not-for-profit Grants
  • Community Wellbeing Package
  • Temporary Housing Support Package
  • Local Council Support Package (grants and loans)
  • Northern Rivers Business Support Package – small, medium and large businesses
  • Rural Landholder Support Package
  • Back Home Grants Scheme
  • Northern Rovers Education Flood Recovery Package
  • Temporary and medium-term housing
  • DRFA Category B restoration of essential public assets
  • Property Assessment and Demolition Program
  • Urgent repair and replacement of critical water and sewer infrastructure
  • Primary Industry Support Package (medium to   long term rebuilding)
  • Regional Roads and Transport Recovery Package
  • Social and Aboriginal Housing
  • Community Infrastructure Recovery Package
  • State Forests repairs and stabilisation
  • Securing construction materials