Mineral allocation areas

Mineral Allocation Areas (MAAs) are areas where new exploration licence applications cannot be lodged without Ministerial consent. The areas are declared by the Governor of NSW and can apply to specific mineral groups. Existing licences, including Group 1 mineral licences, within these areas are unaffected by MAAs. Legislative requirements, such as reporting and renewal requirements, of existing licences are also unaffected by MAAs.

In 2018 the Governor of NSW declared five new MAAs for Group 1 minerals (metallic minerals) in order to allow the MinEx CRC activities to proceed.

Current MAAs are (follow the link to view in MinView):

On 3 May 2021, the Deputy Premier called on expressions of interest for operators to explore for minerals in the Mineral Allcoation Areas in Dubbo, Forbes, Mundi and north and south Cobar.

The formal expression of interest process is expected to open by end May 2021. For more information view the expression of interest process on the website.