Geologists looking at a rock formation


An overview of the complex geological history of NSW, spanning almost two billion years

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An online collection of reports, publications and data about the geology, mineral and energy resources of NSW

MinEx CRC geological mapping activities showing a geoscientist examining rock formations


The world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration, investigating undercover areas of NSW

Helicopter on the ground in a rural area with airborne electromagnetic survey equipment

Geophysical surveys

The range of geophysical surveys conducted by the Geological Survey of NSW and survey data that are available

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A web-mapping application to view, search and download a wide range of geoscientific data for NSW

Drilling equipment operating during mining

New frontiers exploration program

A program that provides grants to selected applicants for innovative exploration drilling programs

Products and data

Access to a wide range of maps, books, brochures and information

Large mining truck laden with ore in mining site


Major projects being undertaken by the Geological Survey of NSW

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Events, seminars and workshops organised or supported by the Geological Survey of NSW