Exploration reporting


Compulsory online reporting

Annual exploration reports must be submitted annually. The annual reports are required to include an Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report.

Annual reports are required to be submitted electronically using the Title Management System Online Lodgement (TMS). The Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report is required to be submitted electronically to the NSW Resources Regulator using the RegulatorPortal.

TMS is an online report preparation and lodgement facility for title holders, operators or agents.

Reporting via this facility is compulsory and users need to register for an account online at the TMS login page.

Data files attached to a report are reviewed for compliance to data templates as the first step to accepting the report.

This quality assurance process ensures the data can be electronically uploaded into the drilling database.

Details of reporting requirements for exploration authorities, are specified in the following documents.

Annual Report Release: changes to confidentiality periods for annual reports

Holders of authorities, including exploration licences, assessment leases and mining leases are required under the Mining Regulation 2016 to prepare and lodge annual reports with the Department of Regional NSW.

The NSW Government has committed to making historical exploration reports and data available to support investment and address growing global demand for the state’s minerals.

The process will involve public release of reports and associated data lodged five or more years prior to 1 June 2021 for exploration and assessment leases.

Subject to some limited exceptions, annual reports now remain confidential for five years after lodgement (section 365 of the Mining Act 1992, clause 64 of the Mining Regulation).

Before historical reports are released, authority holders will have the opportunity to redact personal, proprietary and/or commercially sensitive information from an annual report. Authority holders will have six months to submit requests for redaction. The release of reports and associated data is expected to commence from May 2022.

A list of reports eligible for release was published on 1 October 2021 for the initial release and 1 February 2022-2026, each year thereafter. To facilitate the redaction process, authority holders will be able to request a copy of historical reports.

These reports will only be provided to the authorised person registered for an authority within the Department of Regional NSW’s Titles Administration System.

Read the new Annual Report Release policy, including the framework for release of annual reports.

Read the Annual Report Redaction Guide for further details about the redaction process.

View the list of reports eligible for release published 1 October 2021, for reports due prior to 1 June 2016 and request a copy of a report or request to redact.

View the list of reports eligible for release published 1 February 2022 for reports due after 1 June 2016 and prior to 1 June 2017 and request a copy of a report or request to redact.

For detailed instructions on how to resubmit, download the ‘How To’ guide.

Watch a webinar explaining the policy and redaction guide

Read frequently asked questions

For further assistance with the redaction process or to register your interest in further consultation, email: redaction@geoscience.nsw.gov.au