The facts on CSG

What is coal seam gas?

Find out about coal seam gas (CSG), what it is comprised of, how it is important to the Australian energy market and where the major resources are in Australia.

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Exploration and production

An overview of CSG exploration and production in NSW, which began at Sydney Harbour Colliery in Balmain when CSG was compressed and sold as an industrial and motor fuel in the 1900s.

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How is coal seam gas extracted?

Read about how CSG is extracted from deep below the ground and the different ways of extracting CSG, including vertical, horizontal or directional drilling, and hydraulic fracturing.

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Protections and controls

Learn about the regulation and legislation that applies to the CSG industry in NSW, and the key agencies involved in the protection and control of CSG activity in NSW.

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Environment, health & safety

Read how the environment is safeguarded and about the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer's reviews of the CSG industry

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Land access

Read about CSG activity and land access arrangements with property owners.

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Anatomy of a CSG well

Information on the drilling, testing and regulation of wells, and what happens when gas reserves from a well have been exhausted.

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Answers to questions about CSG exploration and production in NSW, including how CSG extraction in NSW is different to other states and countries.

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Rehabilitation of gas sites

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