Land access and arbitration

land access

The vast majority of relationships between explorers and landholders are positive. Courtesy, respect and honesty go far in building relationships between explorers and landholders. All access arrangements should be based on the understanding that explorers are 'visitors' on private land, and an appreciation by landholders of the needs and rights of mineral explorers.

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. Land access for mineral exploration

Find information about land access arrangements and the template to help negotiate an access agreement.

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. Land access questions

Agriculture and resource production are both vital industries in NSW, and share many common beliefs and interests. Find out answers to common questions.

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. Exploration licences and regulation

An exploration licence gives the licence holder exclusive rights to explore for petroleum or specific minerals within a designated area but it does not permit mining, nor does it guarantee a mining or production lease will be granted.

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. Mining leases and regulation

A mining lease gives the holder the exclusive right to mine for minerals over a specific area of land.

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. Arbitration process

Under NSW law, the holder of a prospecting title must not carry out prospecting activities unless it is in line with an access arrangement agreed with the landholder or determined by an arbitrator.

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. List of current arbitrators

Current arbitrators, as appointed by the Minister for Resources.

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